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Reviewing, Goal setting and Planning Workbook

Reviewing, Goal-Setting and Planning Workbook

Packed with practical advice, clear guidance, and easy-to-follow exercises, the Reviewing, Goal-Setting and Planning Workbook is essential for small business owners who are mapping out a route to future success.

  • Review your 2020 from an array of angles and perspectives as a groundwork for effective change
  • Set your goals for 2021 by thoroughly examining the big picture
  • Generate an action plan that’s going to keep you moving forward, building on your success, and keep you motivated throughout the entire year.

Offered as an essential tool during my professional workshops to help business owners understand where they’ve been and where they want to go, this workbook is now available for you to download.

What my clients are saying…

“It was really useful, and has got me thinking in a positive, clearer, way about next year, which is great.  I’m going to spend more time looking at my goals and get a plan in place for the first 3 months of the new year.”

“I feel like I made a lot of progress in thinking about next year. It was also nice to take a different approach.”

“It’s great to take time to reflect on the past year, especially the positives – it’s so easy to skip that reflection!”