Cards on the Table Macclesfield!

Personal development just got personal!

Last month I attended a personal development day with a difference. Setting off at 4:30am(!), I drove for 4 hours down to Somerset to attend a 1-day event.

I did this because I had heard great things about the Cards on the Table events presented by Brad Burton and wanted to experience it for myself.

Cards on the Table

I wasn’t disappointed! The day was full of ‘aha’ moments! An amazing day in the company of some amazingly supportive people.

I drove home that day with my head full of ideas and plans. I’m still working everything through.

The real issue

Without going into too much detail, or giving too much away…

I gained clarity on the day on some things that have been holding me back in life and in business. Knowing this, I was then able to plan some first steps to take to move myself forward.

Cards on the Table Macclesfield

I loved it so much…

…I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be bringing Cards on the Table to the North West – to Macclesfield! The most perfect Personal Development workshop you have never been to ;)

Your problems. 

Your solutions.

Cards on the Table

Are you prepared to put your cards on the table?

In just one day, Cards On The Table allows you to shed the things that are holding you back and is proven to bring the best out of people fast! Check out the latest Cards on the Table Macclesfield dates here.

Not local to Macclesfield? Cards on the Table events are being held around the country – click here to find the nearest one to you.

To find out more please get in touch via the contact form or call me on +44 7526 740486.

Best wishes!


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