Embarking on a coaching journey is a big decision, but it’s worth it – especially if you have full confidence in the person paving your way.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of individuals and teams, from across a wide range of sectors.

Here’s what my clients have to say about my coaching programmes and workshops.


1:1 Coaching

Sian’s coaching style combines a down to earth, matter of fact approach with an intuitive ability to uncover deeper truths. This has enabled me to gain significant insights into myself that previously I have been unaware of.

Judi –  Business Owner, Cheshire

The coaching programme I have followed with Sian Rowsell has been immensely beneficial. Setting aside the time to talk through particular issues in a structured way has enabled me to reach conclusions and decide on actions with a much clearer approach than I would have managed on my own. Sometimes you don’t see the wood for the trees!
I have received really positive feedback from my work in relation to some of the issues I talked through with Sian first and her support was invaluable in my receiving a very positive performance review this year.

Melanie – Deputy Fund Manager, Cardiff

Each session has been enlightening. Sian is able to pull from me ideas and thoughts I would otherwise not entertain simply by asking a question. She’s challenged me to move beyond my comfort zone and feel confident doing it. She’s also helped me overcome my fear of failure and as such I’ve been able to accept accountability for all things – both good and bad in my personal and professional life.

Kimberly – IT Professional, Delaware

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Team Coaching

Sian is extremely well organised, intelligent, enthusiastic and a very skilled coach and mentor with a very calm and understated manner that brings out the best in others. I would highly recommend her to work with professionally qualified, junior and senior staff.

Nicola – Finance Director, London

It was an absolute pleasure working with Sian. She has a wonderful personal style and enthusiasm for developing people and bringing out their best. She is a terrific coach and mentor helping others make significant and positive impacts for [the organisation].

Alon – Continuous Improvement Lead, Delaware

Sian is a calm, intelligent, gentle and trust-worthy person. Sian is the one that connects the dots and brings clarity in confusion.

Susanna – Programme Manager, Sodertalje

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Group Facilitation

I can wholeheartedly say that ‘Meet the Best You’ is one of the best courses I’ve attended and Sian Rowsell is definitely the person to help take you on this amazing journey!

Jackie – Senior Business Analyst, Cheshire

Working with Sian has been a true positive experience. Sian is a clear thinker and communicator as well as a good listener, attributes that have made her an excellent and professional facilitator.

Udo – Associate Director, Gothenburg

Sian is a very strong facilitator and has a solid grasp on how to build cross-functional and strategic partnerships. Sian is great to work with and I would highly recommend her.

Kenneth – Business Transformation Executive, Delaware

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Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group

Whether you work on your own or have a larger company or business I can recommend thinking about the Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group as a valuable resource.
A small group so you receive plenty of time to discuss your issues in a collaborative and inclusive environment. It’s also interesting to see yourself as others see you… when you work on your own feedback doesn’t happen. Sometimes you need help to clarify your thoughts or to inspire or question.. Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group led by Sian was just this.. I will be back at a later stage for another session

Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group member, Cheshire

It definitely made me look at my outlook and my stuff, and myself and my approach to my business in a different way. The biggest turning point was when you mentioned not just to think about challenges but to also think about opportunities. I’ve taken some stuff on board that will make me do things differently over the coming months – I wouldn’t have done that without you making me think about things that complement and add to what I do now.

Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group member, Cheshire

Sian and the group was my first experience with coaching, and I found it utterly transformative. As a relatively young business, I was so grateful for Sian’s guidance and experience – she was able to empower us to find our own answers, so when you left each session you felt like you’d gained a new superpower.
As a young woman in business too, I was able to be truly vulnerable, unpacking exactly what was stopping me from growing and thriving. Sian created an atmosphere of trust, solidarity and accountability that meant we could all be completely honest with one another.
The friendships I forged during my time in the group have proven to be as long-standing as the benefits I gained from attending, too! It’s a win-win.”

Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group member, Cheshire

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