Coaching, facilitating and developing your teams to realise untapped potential and deliver outstanding results

Coaching your Team

  • Do you have a new team, one that needs to build an effective working relationship as soon as possible?

  • Does your team all share the same vision for 2025, for 2020, for next month? and does everyone know their role in how to get there?

  • Are the strengths of the individual team members being leveraged as effectively as they could?

I coach high-performing teams to achieve outstanding results, for example by:

Direction Setting

Coaching your team to elevate its performance by identifying its future direction, defining the team vision and breakthrough objectives, the path needed to get there and the specific steps to be taken.

Building a high-performing team

Improving your team performance through raised awareness of the value that everyone can bring and ensuring the strengths of your individual team members are leveraged effectively. Your team will benefit from increased trust and a plan of actions you can take to enable you to work more effectively together.

“Sian’s rare mix of scientific excellence and strong interpersonal skills resulted in significant business impact by establishing transparency, alignment of objectives, and open communication across international teams and complex processes.”

“Sian’s valuable facilitation ensured that the team delivered an efficient reliable business process. She demonstrated clear leadership and supported the team to ensure that the process was embedded in the organisation effectively and that the benefits were realised”