Using Twitter effectively!

Twitter is dead!

I often hear that Twitter is ‘dead’ or that people don’t use / don’t ‘get’ / don’t know how they should be using Twitter…

Last year I wrote about building my social media presence and mentioned using social media effectively and efficiently, with Twitter hours, Twitter lists, hashtags…

In talking to people recently about their blogging strategy and using social media to drive traffic to their blog and therefore their website – Twitter is the social media channel that people are generally less familiar with and are unsure how to make work for their business.

My personal experience of using Twitter

I set up a Twitter account nearly 5 years ago. While I am no Twitter expert, I thought it would be useful to share how I’ve been using Twitter to grow my business, raise my visibility, build relationships with collaborators and clients…

Most commonly, people say to me that “There’s just too much stuff on Twitter, I can’t read it all / cope with it all!”

My advice is to not try.

I pretty much ignore the Twitter feed…

Using Twitter hours

My most successful use of Twitter has been through my local business hour: #MaccHour.

At 11am every Thursday, businesses in and around Macclesfield used Twitter at the same time for some online networking. Unfortunately it no longer runs but other Twitter hours are still active – or maybe you could start one! Even if you never use Twitter the rest of the week, one hour on your local Twitter hour will help you to raise your profile and build relationships with local businesses.

What local business hours or other special interest Twitter hours could you get involved with?

What should I talk about?

Just treat it as a conversation down the pub, at the corner shop, at the school gates – share what you’re up to, comment on the weather… (it is Britain after all!)

Ask questions. What did people do at the weekend? Who went to the local street market at the weekend?…

It’s just about building relationships. What do you have in common with others that are engaging with the conversations?

The key is to be online and engaging with others who share your interest (or location) at the same time.

Don’t just post and run!

Just because you can schedule tweets for that hour, doesn’t mean that it’s as effective as being there and having a chat…

Continuing the conversation offline

As well as regularly joining in with my local Twitter hour for a couple of years, I have met up with several other contributors in person – either one to one or at an organised meet up.

Using Twitter effectively

I’ve met suppliers this way (e.g. Sarah Dean of Initiate Create who built my website). I’ve met clients this way too (for 1:1 coaching or for the Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group).

Personal profiles

In tandem with my local Twitter hour, what has worked well for me is to use a personal profile.

My Twitter name is @sianrowsell. The profile picture looks like me (on a good day :) ).

This way if I’m chatting to you online, you know who you’re talking to. If we arrange to talk some more or meet up, it’s me that you’ll see. The person you have built up a relationship with is the person you will meet and potentially do business with in ‘real life’.

I realise it’s much harder to do this once your business grows but some smaller businesses, even some ‘one (wo)man bands’ hide behind a company name and logo on social media platforms…

I think they’re missing a trick!

For example, I’ve been at face-to-face networking meetings in central Manchester or across Cheshire and people have come up to me and said:

Hi Sian! I recognise you from #MaccHour!

– and I have been unable to place them because they tweet using their company name and logo, or those of the company that has contracted them to do their social media…

Still wondering how to get Twitter working for you?

Whether you’re a business owner, or employed in a larger organisation, are you using Twitter?

How is it working for you? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like to see how Twitter can form part of your strategy to drive people to your website, book your 1-hour blogging strategy session via Zoom by leaving me a comment below, getting in touch via the contact form or calling me on +44 7526 740486.

Blogging Strategy

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Best wishes!


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    • Sian Rowsell
      Sian Rowsell says:

      Hi Sara. I was invited to join my local hour by the person setting it up. They are common in the UK. I don’t know about outside of the UK… Perhaps you could set one up if there isn’t one local to you..? Sian


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