How many coaching sessions do I need?

People often ask me ‘how many coaching sessions do I need?’ The answer is that it depends…

Depending on your goals (and everything else you’ve got going on) you may want coaching for a couple of months or for up to a year. 

You may want sessions every week / 2 weeks / 3 weeks…

You may prefer longer or shorter sessions.

It’s important when choosing a coach that you find a coach that offers you flexibility. Do they offer a bespoke package that meets your needs?

“I can’t commit to sessions every week”

I get frustrated when I sign up for activities / classes and have to pay in advance for a term. I find it particularly hard if there is no option to reschedule for when I can’t make it. Eventually I get fed up of having paid for sessions I’ve missed and I drop out. :(

I’ve found something that works for me with eg pilates where I struggle to attend a weekly class. I attend a private pilates session most Thursday lunchtimes – but not during school holidays and not when I have a clash. I pay in advance for 5 sessions at a time; I give plenty of notice of sessions that I can’t make.

Since I know that I need that flexibility, I offer it to my coaching clients. You choose the number of sessions, the duration of sessions, the timing of the sessions, the frequency of the sessions.

(Typically clients choose to start with 6 coaching sessions of an hour each, during office hours, every 3 weeks. We can set up your coaching schedule to accommodate holidays, childcare and other commitments.) 

Right time. Right place.

As well as being at the right time for you, coaching sessions need to be in the right place.

You need to feel comfortable in the environment where your coaching sessions take place. Ideally your coach should be able to accommodate your preferences.

My coaching clients choose where their coaching sessions are held, whether they’re face-to-face, via Skype/Zoom or via phone. Some mix and match.


Perhaps you work from home one day a week and would like to take your Skype coaching sessions from there. Perhaps you feel comfortable talking in a neutral environment such as a coffee shop where you won’t be interrupted by work colleagues. Perhaps you’d like an initial session face-to-face but after that it’s easier to find time to schedule a phone call that you can take from wherever you’re working that week.

Beware one size fits all!

We’re all different and have different things we need to juggle in our schedules. We differ in the size and urgency of our goals. How many coaching sessions you need to achieve your goals may be different to how many coaching sessions I need to achieve my goals, or how many coaching sessions your friend or colleague needs…

How many coaching sessions do you need?

To find out more about how I accommodate the preferences of my clients, please get in touch via the contact form or call me on +44 7526 740486.

Best wishes!


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