Does your coach have relevant experience?

Investing in yourself

Coaching is an investment – even if you are not funding the coaching directly yourself, you are investing your time and energy. It’s therefore key to choose your coach wisely. I recently mentioned testing to see if someone is the ‘right’ coach for you. An important consideration is – does the coach have relevant experience?

Does the coach have expertise and experience that is relevant to you?

Can they provide testimonials and/or case studies that are relevant to you and your situation?

An experienced coach should be able to provide evidence that they have coached people from a similar background or at a similar career stage or that they understand your working environment. They may be able to provide contact details of former clients who are willing to talk about the coaching they received and the impact that it had.

When doing your research, look for or ask to see recommendations, testimonials and case studies.

Having said that…

Unlike consulting or mentoring, where the consultant or mentor is an expert who gives advice based on their own experience, a coach will draw out wisdom already within you so that you may discover solutions for yourself. After all, you are the expert in your life.

Your coach should have expertise in the coaching process and not necessarily in your exact area. What has worked for them and/or their previous clients, may not be exactly the right solution for you – this is not a situation for one size fits all or even (as I saw on a sarong once in Greece) ‘one size fits most’ :)

For example, it is important to some of my clients that I have personally experienced juggling motherhood and a career. For others, they like to know I understand the performance management or benchmarking processes that they are subject to. Other clients feel it’s important that I have coached people through career change. However, every client is unique, every session is bespoke and focused on their particular challenges, and in the context of their life and circumstances.

External recognition and validation

As well as evidence of happy or satisfied clients, what else should you look for when choosing a coach with relevant experience?

Great coaches will have endorsements from professional organisations as well as from their clients. Have they been externally recognised for their competence and expertise? It’s likely that this evidence will be easy to find/spot – if it’s available!

Small Business Coach of the Year

Does your coach have relevant experience?

What about you?

What experience is important or relevant for you?

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