Choosing a coach!

What should you consider when choosing a coach?

When choosing a coach, what are the 10 things that you should/could consider?

1. Does the coach ‘get’ you?

Does the prospective coach see your strengths, understand your challenge, believe in you..?

2. Can you test if they’re the ‘right’ coach for you?

Are they the right coach for you? Are you the right client for them?

Does the prospective coach offer no obligation phone calls and/or ‘chemistry’ sessions so that you can both see if you are the right coach/client for each other?

3. Does the coach have relevant experience?

Does the coach have expertise and experience that is relevant to you?

Can they provide testimonials and/or case studies that are relevant to you and your situation? Have they been externally recognised for their competence and expertise?

4. Is the coach a good match in terms of style/energy?

Does the style and/or energy of the coach match yours?

Do you feel you would be comfortable and enjoy working with them? Will they provide the right mix of support and challenge for you?

5. What can you learn from the public profile of the coach?

What can you learn about the prospective coach from their public profile? Who have they worked with?

Do they demonstrate their expertise through articles, posts, talks? Is there ‘social proof’ of the work they do and the people they work with? Can you get a feel for them through their online presence? Is their online profile congruent with the person you meet face-to-face?

6. Does the coach give a clear explanation of the process?

Can they/do they explain the coaching process and what is involved? What kind of coaching do they offer?

Have they explained to you what happens in a typical coaching session or between sessions? Have they clarified the roles and responsibilities of the coach and of the client?

7. Does the coach offer you flexibility?

Do they offer a bespoke coaching package that meets your needs?

Can you choose the number of sessions, the duration of the sessions, the timing of the sessions, the frequency of the sessions, where the sessions are held or whether they are held face-to-face, via phone, via Skype/Zoom/FaceTime..?

8. Is the coach trained and qualified?

What training has your coach received? What was involved in the training? Have their coaching sessions and their competence been assessed?

Do they continue to keep their skills up-to-date through continuing professional development (CPD), mentoring and supervision?

9. Does the coach provide evidence of ethical practice?

Will the coaching sessions be confidential?

Does the prospective coach seek consent for coaching minors? Does the coach have professional indemnity insurance? Does the coach make available their privacy policy and code of ethics/professional conduct?

Last but not least…

10. Does the coach have exquisite listening skills?

“Sometimes the best thing we can do for another human being is to listen without interruption.” – Nancy Kline

choosing a coach

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” — Stephen R.Covey

One more for luck!

11. Does the coach ‘walk the talk’?

Does the coach have a coach??

What do you consider when you’re choosing a coach?

Let me know in the comments below…

The best sports and business people have a coach, why not you?

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