The perfect match?

Finding a coach

Conversations with clients and prospective clients these last few weeks have emphasised to me how important it is to choose your coach wisely. I’ve heard some great – and some awful(!) – stories!

So how do you find a coach that’s the perfect match for you?

Is the coach a good match in terms of style/energy?

Does the style and/or energy of the coach match yours?

– This doesn’t mean they have to be just like you! Contrasting styles can be very helpful if you would benefit from seeing or doing things differently from the way you’re doing them today…

A good coach will build rapport with you quickly in any enquiry or ‘chemistry’ call (for more on chemistry/discovery calls, see my earlier post ‘The right coach for you..?’).

Ask yourself:

Would I be comfortable, and enjoy working, with them?

You want to be able to feel comfortable talking freely with your coach.

(And not just because the conversations are strictly confidential – which of course they should be!)

The ideal coaching environment

To help you achieve your goals your coach should create an environment of high support/high challenge.

Will they provide the right mix of support and challenge for me?

After all, this should not just be a cosy chat! Nor should it be so stressful that you move into ‘survival mode’ or suffer amygdala hijack.

Choosing a coach - The perfect match?

Your perfect match?

Have you found a coach that’s the perfect match?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Or please get in touch via the contact form or call me on +44 7526 740486.

Let me know if you would like a no obligation conversation to talk about my style of coaching and to see if we would be a good match. Or to find out more about what kind of coach I am and the coaching I offer, please see my FAQ page.

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Best wishes!


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  1. Eileen none
    Eileen none says:

    Great blog Sian something I talk about a lot in relation to people choosing not just coaches and therapists. Through the years I have met so many coaches and therapists who have believed they have been the perfect match coach or therapist. And they made huge assumptions fortunately I have enough experience after a lot of years and lots of wasted time and money. To know a bit better I tend to ask a lot more questions and do my homework


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