Stop comparing yourself to others!

5 years and still a beginner

We’ve just returned from our annual family ski trip. For the last few years we’ve been going to the same ski resort in Italy, using the same ski rental. As I replied to the question about my skiing ability as we collected our skis, the guy in the ski rental laughed:

“You’ve been coming here 5 years and you’re still a beginner!”

I didn’t admit that I first went skiing 20 years ago!

(Although I had a 10-year hiatus during the pregnancy/small children years.)

It’s not just the thought of skiing accidents that have made me a nervous skier. (Although my husband was hospitalised 6 years ago and my daughter 4 years ago). I was frightened from the start… 

Look at how far you’ve come

On our most recent holiday I reflected, while cruising slowly down the blue slopes, that actually so many things that used to terrify me were now no big deal.

I can get my skis on confidently without getting anxious about not getting them on because of snow/ice on my boots.

I can wait in queues at a ski lift without being terrified that someone will knock me over in the hustle and bustle.

I can enjoy the view from the chair lifts without worrying about getting on, off, or falling off along the way.

(It’s true that I still don’t like heights but it’s no longer affecting me on chair lifts or gondolas as my other anxieties are receding.)

comparing yourself to others

And yes, if I compare myself to others, I could become despondent about my glacial speed of progress. Instead I enjoyed the realisation that my legs get less tired if I am more relaxed. I don’t need to be constantly trying to brake and defy gravity.

Are you comparing yourself to others?

Are you worrying what everyone else is doing?

Or are you focusing on what you are doing instead?

(For more thoughts on this, see my Cut yourself some slack! blog.)

Do you take time to reflect on how far you’ve come?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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