Taking care of yourself

Who is taking care of you?

Taking care of yourself when running your own business is important – critical even. If employers have a duty of care to their staff, who takes care of the ‘solopreneur’?

Who is taking care of you?

Tempting as it is sometimes to work long hours, make the most of potential opportunities, and run from one thing to the next… I’m also mindful that I need to take care of myself and avoid burning myself to a frazzle!

A couple of times over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself tired from long days, driving long distances and being ‘on show’ at meetings. I’ve deliberately taken some time out – I’ve had a much-needed(!) hair appointment, reflexology and pilates sessions – thank you ladies!

As mentioned previously, as a self-confessed introvert and having been busy networking, meeting lots of people and talking about my business, I need to factor in recovery time alone to recharge my batteries…

…you know how people recommend you dress for the day (or the job) that you want to have..? – the other day, I deliberately put on my onesie! ;)

Worst boss ever!

I come across a lot of business owners who set up in business to enjoy the freedom of ‘not having a boss’ but then become their own worst boss ever!

Lots of people tell me they work late into the night after their family have gone to bed.

~30% workers in the UK eat ‘al desko’ (The Telegraph, Jan 2015).

Friends tell me they haven’t had a ‘proper’ holiday since starting their business.

Business owners swap stories (brag??) on social media of how busy – and how exhausted – they are!


Sound familiar??

How do you renew your energy and recharge your batteries?

How can you recharge your batteries in a way that suits you?

As a business owner, how do you make sure you are avoiding burnout?

How are YOU taking care of yourself?

Taking care of yourself

One of the simplest ways to make sure you are taking care of yourself is to ‘cut yourself some slack’ and stop worrying what everyone else is doing.

For another 9 ways to take care of yourself in business, take a look at this guest blog I wrote for Wedding Business Success.

As well as those mentioned in the blog and above, at this time of year I’d add:

Get out in the Spring sunshine.
Take time to enjoy the brightly-coloured flowers and blue skies!

I had a hectic schedule on Monday morning this week but I factored in a walk across the local park instead of driving to an appointment – and instantly felt better about the day and week ahead :)

taking care of yourself

What about you?

How are you taking care of yourself?

Please let me know your thoughts by adding your comments below…

To find out how I can help you ensure you are taking care of yourself – whether keeping your stress levels in check, making space for yourself or addressing your work-life balance (see examples) – please get in touch via the contact form or call me on +44 7526 740486.

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Best wishes!


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8 replies
  1. Carol Hanson
    Carol Hanson says:

    Great blog post Sian! Felt myself squirming in my chair, so know it hit home!! For me getting outside with my dogs helps to get life back in perspective. My dogs continually teach me how to ‘Live In The Moment’ which for someone who likes to plan and needs details is always good to learn!

    • Sian Rowsell
      Sian Rowsell says:

      Thanks Carol! Glad it hit home – apologies for the squirming!! Thanks for sharing! Here’s to remembering to ‘Live In The Moment’! Sian

  2. Raphaela
    Raphaela says:

    Since starting my business this has been an ongoing struggle for me , but I’ve begun to cut myself some slack and learn to just be. This is a great reminder for us to slow down and enjoy the entrepreneurial journey.

    • Sian Rowsell
      Sian Rowsell says:

      Thanks Raphaela! ‘Just being’ is something I often need to remind myself of! Hope you continue to enjoy the entrepreneurial journey! Sian

    • Sian Rowsell
      Sian Rowsell says:

      Thanks Kim! That’s great! Prioritising and making time to exercise is so important for keeping me calm! Sian


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