I’m so tired! I need to sleep!

So so tired!

I was so tired I was looking forward to an operation so I could have some sleep!

I was reminded of this while I was reading the paper the other day about exhausted teachers. One teacher said they looked forward to getting sick so that they could rest for a while..!

Does this sound familiar?


I was exhausted. Work was hectic, my volunteer role was in danger of becoming full time (on top of my day job), my children were keeping me busy too…

Of course I didn’t really catch up on my sleep during the operation! I felt that the nurses were bringing me round when I would quite have enjoyed being left a bit longer.

And although I was officially signed off from work, I was straight back in the thick of things in the other areas of my life.

Taking care of myself

Hopefully now I take better care of myself and spot when I’m tired and take steps to rest – before sickness or an anaesthetic look like attractive options! 

So tired!

I also plan in time for pilates. I know that if I’m focussing on balancing or using just these specific muscles and not letting the rest of my body join in a movement, my brain is having a break from its usual busyness.

For 10 common sense (although not necessarily common practice) tips on looking after yourself, please see this guest blog I wrote for Wedding Business Success.

‘me time’

While procrastinating before getting started with writing this blog ;) , I looked up ‘me time’ with Google. The results (local to me of course) were McDonalds, a beauty salon and Sian Rowsell Coaching and Training Limited – I don’t know what to think about the first result!

What about you?

What about you? How do you make sure you’re making time for you – to take care of your mental and physical health?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Best wishes!


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