Not enough time in the day!

Time, the one resource that is never in short supply, yet one of the most difficult to manage.

“There’s not enough time in the day!”

We all have 24-hour days, time doesn’t ‘run out’, it doesn’t ‘fly’ – although it may feel like that sometimes..!


Whether or not we feel happy about our supply of time, depends on our ability to make best use of this finite resource.

We ‘use time’, we ‘pass time’, we ‘make time’, we ‘buy time’; we ‘waste time’, we ‘kill time’, we even ‘lose time’…?!

Subconscious consumption of time can leave us feeling as if we can’t get a grip, as if we’re stressed, under pressure, powerless… Conversely, mindful use of our daily/weekly/monthly ‘credit’ of time helps with how much we can achieve, and how we feel about it.

“Time, is what we want most, but what we use worst.” – William Penn

Whether our challenge is to get more done, or to get the important things done, or indeed to feel we have ‘enough’ time to do what we want or need to do, it is essential to manage time effectively and to our advantage. Without an effective way to organise time, we may feel like a hamster on a wheel…

Sound familiar??

Making best use of your time and energy

Here’s one way to feel more ‘in control’:

1. Make a list of things that are important to you
2. Make a second list of things you do every day
3. Compare the two lists
4. What small changes can you make to focus your energy on what’s important?

What’s your relationship with time?

Let me know by adding your comment below..

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Best wishes!


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