Small Business Coach of the Year!

External recognition of the work we do…

Do you make use of opportunities to get recognised for the work you do? Do you put yourself forward for awards?

Even though it felt a little odd (and a bit like showing off!), last year I submitted an application to be considered for Life Coach of the Year and Newcomer of the Year in the International Coaching Awards.

I was pleased to find out I had been shortlisted for both and headed down to Buckinghamshire for the awards ceremony. A chance to get dressed up and enjoy a glitzy dinner and dance! I met some lovely fellow coaches at the event and am still in touch with some of the coaches pictured today!

International Coaching Awards shortlisted 2016

International Coaching Awards shortlisted

Not a winner..?

I wasn’t a winner, but when I replied to my (then 12-year-old) daughter’s messages about how I got on, she sent me this:

“Well done anyway! I give you my own award: Best New Coacher of 2016! You have been very successful and you are making great progress :) . I am very proud of you, you have made an amazing website, been an inspiring 1-1 coach, been incredible at the bird table and more!! Very proud of you Mama, at the same time you have been a great mum :) ”

What more could I ask for?!

I also got good engagement and lots of lovely comments on social media in response to the pictures from the event :)

Should I try again?

This summer, the call for award nominations came round again and I received an email saying I had been nominated for Life Coach of the Year. I wasn’t sure whether to complete an application form this time. But, while on holiday in Crete in August, I got an email saying the deadline for submissions was imminent. At the same time I read several messages in Facebook groups about the importance of award nominations as external validation of the good work that we do…

Just in time…!

So, on the last day of the holiday, just before leaving for the airport, my son and I took our laptops to the shade. He did some IT holiday homework and I submitted my application for Life Coach of the Year and Small Business Coach of the Year. I hit ‘submit’ just before the deadline and just before it was time to get changed and jump in the airport taxi…!

A surprise phone call

At the beginning of October (while at the hairdressers!) I received a phone call telling me that I had been shortlisted for Small Business Coach of the Year! I found out that there was a training day (CPD day) on Confidence coaching the day after the awards dinner. I took this as a sign that I should attend, and so I decided I would travel down to Buckinghamshire for the awards. By combining it with the training day, I could make the most of my trip!

Not feeling up to it!

The week of the awards dinner arrived and I was struck down by a nasty cold :(

I cancelled meetings, pilates, even a dentist appointment, as I didn’t feel up to going anywhere! I fancied a weekend in bed but I was booked in to the hotel and the training day, and also the hairdresser early Saturday morning!

So, buoyed-up by lots of lovely messages of support from friends, colleagues, clients on social media (and tidy hair!) I drove down for the award ceremony.

And this happened!

Small Business Coach of the Year 2017 – Sian Rowsell

Small Business Coach of the Year

Small Business Coach of the Year

And my daughter messaged:

“Very proud!”

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the clients whose testimonials, case studies and support helped me secure the award, and to thank all those who have supported me on here and on social media.


Small Business Coach of the Year

Would you like to work on your small business with the small business coach of the year?

Are you are a female business owner? Would you like to grow your business? I have places available for the next term of the Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group.

Alternatively I have places available for 1:1 clients (working face-to-face, via phone or via Skype).

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch via the contact form or call me on +44 7526 740486.

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Best wishes!


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