Energy Angels!

Energy Angels and Energy Vampires

In order to be performing at our best in whatever it is that we do, it is important to be in a ‘place’ of high, positive energy (the ‘Performance Zone’).

One way to do this is to surround ourselves with people who boost our energy, people who can make us feel good, happy, energetic… – even if we just THINK about spending time with them! – sometimes called ‘energy angels’ :)

(our children perhaps?)

Conversely, there are people who constantly drain our energy – the people we dread meeting, just thinking about spending time with them makes us tired, tense, anxious… – sometimes called ‘energy vampires’ (or ‘mood hoovers’ – think of Harry Potter and the Dementors’ kiss…)

Dementors drain ‘peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them’ – JK Rowling

If you take stock of who you are spending your time with in a typical week, are you surrounding yourself with energy angels or energy vampires?

I have found it useful to keep an ‘energy diary’ – one of the aspects I looked at was people…

If you keep a log for a couple of weeks, noting what you did, who with and how you felt…

Who did you work/spend time with?
How was your energy and, most importantly, why?
When reviewing your diary, what patterns emerge?

Who are your energy angels? Who are your vampires??

It’s been suggested that a ratio of at least 5:1 energy angels to energy vampires is a good target…

What was your ratio of energy angels to energy vampires last week?
How can you increase your time spent with those that boost your energy?
How can you minimise your time spent with those that have a negative effect on your energy?

Let me know your thoughts on energy angels and energy vampires by adding your comments below..

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Best wishes!


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  1. Eileen Burns
    Eileen Burns says:

    Hi Sian, I agree it is important to get some sort of balance this reminded me of a relationship analysis activity I did in one of my stress management training courses about 20 years ago. A very simple but highly effective tool to log who was the takers and givers in your life. I soon realised one not so great friend was coming up constantly as the taker, it highlighted very clearly the great imbalance.


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