Long-term vision

What is your long-term vision?

What do you want to be/do/have at ‘retirement’?

(or when you exit your business?)

Last week I asked, what do you want your work/business to give you? What do you want from your business?

Still thinking holistically and about your long-term vision for the future – what do you want to be/do/have at retirement?

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll

Having a long-term vision in place helps us decide what actions to take, what tasks to focus on…

…and what NOT to do!

We can ask ourselves about each task/activity:

Is this taking me closer to my long-term vision?
Or is it a distraction?
Or am I being busy because I like being busy?
Am I a ‘busy fool’?!

What do you want to be/do/have at retirement?

Try this exercise:

Write three lists – everything you want to Be, Do, Have at the point when you are ready to exit your business or stop working:

…seen as an expert in my field

…feel proud of my achievements

…sufficient money to retire

(Make the lists as long and as specific as you can!)

Rocking chair perspective

Alternatively, or in addition, how about this exercise:

Look back from your future…

…you are older, sitting quietly on your rocking chair, feeling relaxed and contented, a gentle breeze is blowing, you are enjoying the late afternoon sunshine, you’re remembering the current time…

What did you achieve in your life?
What are the things you want to have done, have had, have been?
What are your regrets as you look back – are there any?
What will you be able to look back on with pride and satisfaction?

Next: what do you have to do now to enjoy your thoughts in that rocking chair?

Remember to capture your thoughts and keep this long-term picture visible!

Goal Setting

My vision board for 2016

For more ideas, check out this post.

What is your long-term vision?

Please let me know your thoughts by adding your comments below…

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Best wishes!


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  1. Anna Jones
    Anna Jones says:

    Ooh plenty to think about here! I shall definitely be doing the first exercise- reading this has made me realise I don’t have a complete plan/ vision for my non working future at all. Thanks for opening my eyes!


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