Building my social media presence

My personal experience of building my social media presence

Someone commented to me the other day that my social media presence is fantastic and works really well!

How cool is that!

– I realise that everything is relative!

I am still a newbie and have lots to learn, but after a couple of people made similar comments and some asked for help building their social media presence or where to get started with blogging and social media, I thought I would share a few of the things I’ve been doing to raise my social media presence over the last 18 months…

Begin with the end in mind

– Stephen Covey (7 habits of highly effective people)

Why build your social media presence?
What is it going to give you?
What do you want it to do for you?

For me, raising my visibility on social media is aimed at driving people towards my website (so that they can find out more about working with me, sign up for my newsletter, request more information, and ultimately start working with me – if appropriate).

Which platforms?

I decided to focus on my website (which I launched at the beginning of 2016 with 10 pages), plus LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

I chose these three simply because:

1. I knew how to use them
2. I figured my existing and potential customers were using them
3. I figured three was plenty to keep on top of :)

With help from Sarah Dean (Initiate Create) I coordinated all three accounts to have a similar look and feel to my website.

Driving people to my website

I’ve been driving people to my website (tracked through Google Analytics – “what gets measured, gets done”) from social media to my blog pages on my website (or from guest blogs, I’ve written for other people, to my website).

[My most popular blog pages are What is the Macclesfield Women in Business Coaching Group and Networking for Introverts.]

Through blogging regularly (roughly once a fortnight), I now have 34 extra pages on my website (each of which links to other blog pages on my website and to my main services, contact page, etc.)

i.e. in 18 months I have >4 times the content on my website compared to when I launched it – not bad!

What to blog about?

Occasionally something that has happened to me that week, or something that has come up in coaching sessions, or something that I’m preparing for a workshop, prompts me to write a blog (- like this one!)

While at other times I consider, what are the things my potential customers want to know? What might they be searching for on the internet? – I’m strategically adding relevant content to my website.

How could this apply to you?

What are the keywords that the people you want to attract will search for?
What bugs them?
What are their pain points?

Could you write a blog about each of these that will help draw people in to the rest of your website?

Promoting my blog

social media presence

Once a blog is written. I share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and via my email newsletter. Every blog has social media share buttons underneath to encourage sharing and on it goes…

What has worked particularly well for me is finding Facebook groups of like-minded people where blog sharing is allowed and encouraged on particular days. This way, I’ve found great content from others to share and comment on where appropriate – and, in return, my blogs have been commented on and shared :)

What else?

There’s much more of course, using social media effectively and efficiently (making use of groups, Twitter hours, Twitter lists, hashtags, scheduling software, daily tasks, …) is a whole other topic, as is not forgetting the social element of social media (it’s not just a case of post and run…!)

What’s your social media presence like?

Whether you’re a business owner, or employed in a larger organisation, are you raising your visibility? How is your social media presence?

What’s working well for you? What’s more of a challenge?

To find out how I can help you take action to raise your profile, bring out the best in you, help and inspire you to grow and improve, please get in touch via the contact form or call me on +44 7526 740486.

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Best wishes!


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