How to get the important stuff done?

Feel like you’re busy, busy, busy….but not getting the important stuff done??

In a previous post (Not enough time in the day!) I asked,

What small changes can you make to focus your energy on what’s important?

Let’s take a look at ‘to-do’ lists…

Overwhelmed by your ‘to-do’ list?

Often we are advised to make ‘to-do’ lists – and it can be very satisfying to cross things off as they are completed

(sometimes, if I’ve done something not on the list, I then add it to the list to get the satisfaction of crossing it off – am I the only one who does this?!)

Unfortunately, ‘to-do’ lists can get longer and longer and become unrealistic – I have found at times that the only items that get crossed off are the easier, less important tasks that only take a small amount of time to complete…

How to get the important stuff done?


Why not try simplifying your ‘to-do’ list?

– instead of a long list that sometimes extends over more than one page, I keep a reminder on my desk (see picture) to help me focus every day and choose to do 3 things that will take me closer to my goals.

How to choose the things you want to do today?

Eleanor Roosevelt advised:

“Do one thing every day that scares you”

How will you focus on what’s important for YOU?

How do you ensure you get the important stuff done? Let me know by adding your comments below..

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Best wishes!


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