Spreading the word!

Spreading the word about you and your expertise.

I asked recently: Are you spreading the word? Are you raising your profile? Are you making use of opportunities to spread the word about you and your expertise?

Who do you want to influence?

– Who do you want to demonstrate your expertise to?

Who is your ideal customer?

Who is talking to your customers already?

– i.e. which organisations are they members of? How do those organisations communicate with their members?

How can you take advantage of this?

Lots of my business development workshop attendees are members of 4Networking. The network publishes articles on its website for its members.

Over the last year I’ve published another two articles on the 4N website. The first, 6 ways 4N can help you meet your needs as a business owner, was published last November.

The article formed the basis of a ‘4Sight’ (a 20-minute ‘insight into a specialist field, experience or interesting area of your life’) that I have delivered at 4N meetings in Cheadle, Leek, Didsbury, via Facebook Live and had filmed for 4N’s YouTube channel, 4NTV.

spreading the word

The second was published this week and gives 6 tips on surviving large events (in this case, The Business Networking Show) as an introvert…

A few days later my article was shared with 4Networking’s 50,000+ membership via a regular newsletter.

– I don’t know about you but that’s a lot bigger than my email list!

Taking up opportunities to reach a new audience.

I’ve written previously about taking up opportunities to write guest blogs for other people who work with small business owners.

Last year I wrote a couple of guest blogs for Rachael Chiverton (The Contracts Lady and Cashflow Queen) which were well received.

This year, Rachael was looking for guest bloggers to answer some of the biggest problems in business being experienced by her clients. We agreed that I would write a blog to help her clients who felt they do not have enough hours in the day:

I can’t get everything finished! 3 Top Tips to combat that feeling and complete everything.

Actually, I lied – see number 1!

When I posted a link to that blog in a Facebook group, another member of the group (Patti Oskvarek from Arizona) asked me if I’d like to write a blog for her leadership coaching blog – we decided that the blog should be about work-life balance and, in particular, on the culture of ‘presenteeism’

Are you spreading the word?

What about you? Whether you’re a business owner, or employed in a larger organisation, are you making use of opportunities to showcase your expertise, raise your profile? Are you spreading the word about you or your work?

(If you’re based in the North West, why not join us on October 17th for our workshop Making it Happen which includes sessions on telling your story and building brand awareness :) )

To find out how I can help you to spread the word, to raise your profile – please get in touch via the contact form or call me on +44 7526 740486.

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Best wishes!


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