Are you raising your profile?

Are you spreading the word?

Just before the summer holidays I wrote about building my social media presence. Continuing that theme, how are you doing with raising your profile? Are you making use of opportunities to spread the word about you or your business?

Out of my comfort zone – one year on…

Over the last couple of years I’ve been getting myself out of my comfort zone, being filmed, being interviewed on local radio, broadcasting using Facebook Live

The most recent visibility challenge, that I set myself, was to have another talk filmed. After having shaking knees a year ago, how would it feel second time around..??

Putting learning into practice

Knowing that last year I had all sorts of ‘what if…’ worries, this time I paid heed to advice from Brad Burton and made sure, the night before, to tell myself my talk was good enough – I mentally signed it off.

Impostor syndrome

However, despite my preparation, having been filmed before (albeit with a different audience in a different venue) and knowing that I had a talk that was always well received…

…on the day, after hearing some fantastic talks from some amazing people, impostor syndrome started to kick in, and so did the

I’m going to be filmed! There are cameras!


But, as in the days of swimming competitions or giving scientific talks, I’ve always felt that feeling a little bit nervous is good…

– it is, isn’t it??

Maybe I need to be filmed a lot more (yikes!) as it still feels different, disconcerting – even if I don’t look at, or consciously think about, the cameras…

social media presence

Are your needs being fulfilled?

Fast forward a month and, while on the beach in Crete, I received a message saying my video had been edited and was available on Youtube! I couldn’t bear to watch it there and then so I waited until I was safely back at my apartment, and watched it on the balcony (away from the family!):

[The exercise described in the video is also described here in an earlier blog.]

Are you raising your profile?

Whether you’re a business owner, or employed in a larger organisation, are you raising your profile? Are you spreading the word about you or your business?

What are you learning? Is it getting any easier?

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Best wishes!


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